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Heidi Sawyer's Psychic Test

Take this 3-minute test to find out how psychic you are and how it's influencing your life. 197258 people worldwide have completed this Psychic Test.

We're too often discouraged since childhood from using anything but the normal fives senses of seeing, hearing tasting, feeling and smelling, with the other senses collectively called the Sixth Sense getting closed off. Opening these Sixth Senses can have a dramatic affect on love, health, career and relationships.
You probably already aware that there are other senses existing but not sure what they are. Now find out..

In this comprehensive test over two pages you will get:

• Scoring to tell you your strongest and weakest of your sixth senses
• A personalised Psychic Star Chart showing how each sense relates
• Understand the meaning of the 5 extra senses you have hidden in your sub-conscious mind
• Give explanation to Telepathy, Channeling, Precognition, Psychokinesis and Clairvoyance

Simply answer YES or NO to the following 50 questions.
Try and answer as close and accurate as you can to get a true test result.

The test results are totally free and are provided as a personal service without any conditions.
Please allow at least 3 minutes to complete the test and further time to digest the instant results.

  1. Are you a poor judge of character?
  2. Before you go off to sleep, do you ever see images of rooms or scenes?
  3. Do you ever feel like you've been some place before when you haven't?
  4. Do you usually take an instant like or dislike to people you meet?
  5. Have you ever recognised the face of someone you have just met?
  6. Do you get a sense of history when you hold old objects?
  7. Have you had a dream come true later on?
  8. Do you get on well with animals - do they respond well to you?
  9. Do you ever have a feeling that there is another presence helping you?
  10. Do things always go wrong for you?
  11. Are you gregarious and enjoy the company of other people?
  12. When lost, can you find where you're going by using your intuition?
  13. Have you ever noticed noises like creaks or bangs in your presence?
  14. Have you found objects in a different places to where you left them?
  15. Have you been thinking of someone and then run into them soon after?
  16. Do you think people are often unusually clumsy in your company?
  17. Have you a poor sense of direction?
  18. Have you ever felt you have done something before when you haven't?
  19. Have you always been drawn to the unexplained and paranormal?
  20. Do you feel like something bad is going to happen and then it does?
  21. Have you ever ignored an urge to do something and regreted it?
  22. When the phone rings, can you often predict who it is?
  23. Have you experienced a premonition or dream of the future?
  24. Are you particularly good at finding things?
  25. Do you dream in 3-D?

The psychic test and its results are provided for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to provide a truly accurate reading of the range of your psychic abilities.